L. Shared Protocols and Collaborators

Townsend Laboratory –  Shared Protocols:


Willows et al. 2019 Protocols.io:



Willows et al 2019 GitHub:



Townsend Laboratory – Collaborators:

AHA: David Harrison, Ph.D. at Jackson Laboratory – Harrison Lab

NSF-CAREER: David Breault, MD, Ph.D. at Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School http://breaultlab.org/

COBRE with MMCRI: Project 4

Katie Motyl, Ph.D. Motyl Lab

UMaine Biomedical Engineering:

Rosemary Smith

Karissa Tilbury

The Townsend Lab collaborates with Andre Khalil, an image analysis expert and founder of the CompuMAINE lab, in order to create and optimize quantification and co-localization techniques for neurovascular interactions in adipose tissues after whole-tissue imaging. https://umaine.edu/compumaine/