Aging & Energy Balance

UMaine Center on Aging

Kristy Townsend is an Associate of the UMaine Center on Aging ( This Center is part of the strategic Aging Initiative on our campus ( and

The Townsend Lab is interested in aging-related aspects of peripheral neuropathy and changes in neural plasticity and metabolic status. Our AHA Collaborative award focuses on aging in adipose tissue, and resulting neurovascular and cardiometabolic changes.


Aging Resources in the State of Maine:

Our collaborators at Jackson Laboratory:

Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging:

National Institute on Aging (NIA) at NIH has 3 Intervention Testing Program (ITP) centers, including David Harrison’s group at Jax:

UNE Center for Excellence in Aging and Health:

Northern Light (formerly EMMC) Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging & Health (MAINAH)

New AgingME Collaboration between UMaine and UNE:

UNE, UMaine collaborate to develop statewide AgingME initiative

Summit in Maine focuses on our state as the oldest, most rural

Cutler Institute on Disability and Aging at USM:

Maine’s state plan on Aging:

Click to access STATEPLANONAGING2016-2020DRAFT.pdf

Aging and Regenerative Biology at MDIBL:

iCARB: Immersion in Comparative Aging and Regenerative Biology 2019